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However, most fires in flats begin in an individual flat, and the main cause is overloaded power sockets. Owners of flats are required to carry out a landlord fire risk assessment. It was the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 that set the standard for what is now known as PAT testing.

The reality is I want Munster to win. That where I am from. Home is always home. "As an artist growing up in New Jersey, one cannot escape the influences and attitude this state has to offer and I especially love the fact that Jersey City always had and continues to develop its own identify of art, music and culture," he said. "The artists and local music industry scene supporting and playing Indie Binge are doing this because they love it, it's just who they are and that's been my approach as well. I'm just happy to be on the bill, but even more excited to listen to a full day of music and celebration of everything indie.".

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